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Company History

Summit Produce began its history in 2009 with the approach as simple as providing two key objectives.

  1. Deliver superior quality products and services
  2. Return clear communication and optimum levels of sales

In order to obtain these objectives, Summit Produce must maintain tight levels of control over the supply chvineyardain, ensuring the fruit reaches customers in fresh condition.  This is achieved through multiple quality control points as well as working closely with suppliers.  Constant communication with suppliers not only provides customers with accurate information, but also keeps suppliers up to date on ongoing market information with weekly reports including current and projected pricing.

Gesex Website

Operating in Fresno California, Summit Produce is owned by two renown produce veterans; owners of North American Produce Buyers and Gesex growers in Chile.  North American Produce Buyers have been providing superior products to the Toronto Terminal Market for over 50 years.  Gesex, based in Chile, is recognized as a lead grower of consistent, high quality fresh fruits. Click on the Gesex logo above to learn more about our company in Chile.

After a few years of initial operations based in Toronto, Ontario, the company moved headquarters to Fresno, California in order to reside closer to it’s customers in the United States.   Always striving to improve it’s product line and customer base, Summit Produce continues its ongoing mission to exceed both customer and grower expectations year after year!