Summit Produce Strengthens Grape Offer with the Gesex and Pura Fruit Alliance

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Ensuring Quality is Always At Its Best

Summit Produce employs its own, as well as independent, experienced quality control inspectors upon all shipping points in order to ensure quality is delivered in every box.  As growers, we make quality control a priority by ensuring that the whole production line from the moment a product grows in the fields, to the time it reaches the packing shed and is subsequently shipped, has been thoroughly inspected.gesex plum box

All of our suppliers  are audited annually from an approved independent third parties.This ensures that they meet international standards for good agricultural practices and comply with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) among others, for active food safety programs. All our arms meet food safety and security standards covering all stages of the production harvest.  Summit Produce is fully compliant with all Food safety acts and preventive controls for produce safety according to U.S. standards.

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